Tooth Fairy Mini Unit (4-7yr olds)

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Around the age of five or six, your child will discover their first wiggly tooth...
Having a visit from the Tooth Fairy makes it a magic adventure to remember!


The Tooth Fairy comes when a child has lost a tooth, commonly in the middle of the night. The tooth is left under their pillow, so that the Tooth Fairy can take it.  A treat or money is left under the pillow in place of the tooth. Exchanges of this sort are common in many rites of passage (like an exchange of marriage rings).


Read about all rituals, origins & cultures of the Tooth Fairy from Wikipedia


FAQ that children ask about the Tooth Fairy answered here eg What do you do with all those teeth?


The Origin of the Tooth Fairy according to





Dear Tooth Fairy by Alan Durant

Holly’s tooth has fallen out, but she’s not sure she wants to give it to the Tooth Fairy just yet. She has a few questions to ask first, about how fairies operate and where her tooth will end up. Luckily, the obliging Tooth Fairy responds- five times! Readers will be tickled to reach inside real envelopes and find Holly’s missives from the Tooth Fairy, including removable letters, a poster, a riddle-teller, and—finally—a shiny fairy coin.


Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood

When Matthew loses a tooth, Jessica decides to make the Tooth Fairy's visit doubly worthwhile. However, this tooth fairy is not easily fooled by a fake tooth. This is a cute story with great pictures which really capture the children's imagination.


Tooth Fairy's First Night by Anne Bowen

When Sally turns seven, she is given a chance to earn her tooth-fairy wings and follow in the footsteps of her mama, grandma, and great-grandma. With her very own purse, she flies off into the night armed with plenty of advice–to be patient, optimistic, persistent, and, most importantly, never to wake a sleeping child. Her first assignment, however, presents unexpected challenges when, instead of finding a tooth under Miranda Kay's pillow, there is a note designed to test her credibility. She is led on a scavenger hunt from one note to another until, finally, her persistence pays off and she can claim her first success. Playing along with the game, she leaves the child a set of clues to finding her reward.





The Legend of the Tooth Fairy


Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies


Landie and the Loose Tooth


Lenny And The Last Loose Tooth


Tooth Fairy Castle by Merlina Rene'




Make a Tooth Fairy MatchBox

Pull out the inner tray of a large matchbox and line the bottom with glue and felt. Wrap the outside of the box with felt and glue it in place. Create a felt pocket for the tooth by gluing the sides and bottom of a smaller square of felt onto the bottom of the inner tray.  Decorate the top of the box with felt - some ideas are children’s name, fairies and glitter or a white felt tooth. Put the tooth in the pocket for the Tooth Fairy to collect.


Sew a tiny Tooth Fairy Pillow

Cut two squares out of felt of about 15cm. On the front of the pillow sew a tiny

felt pocket to insert tooth and a larger felt pocket to insert letter. Decorate. You

could even put a name on it with embroidery. Sew the two cushion pieces together

and stuff this slightly with stuffing. The child can leave a letter for the Tooth Fairy

and she can leave one in return. Make the tooth pocket big enough for a coin.


"Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy, Come take a peek, there's a tooth in my pillow, please come while I sleep!"


Make a little paper Tooth Fairy Gazebo from The



How much money does the Tooth Fairy normally leave? Here is an answer from -

‘There are several secret and loving adults that give money to Tooth Fairy Land so I can trade it for your lost teeth.. Because the amount of money I have to give for teeth changes all the time, I can sometimes leave more money, and other times, I have to leave less. On the average, I leave about five Rand’


Gifts from the Tooth Fairy - a new toothbrush, toothpaste, fairy dust, tiny things like furniture made out of nature, acorns, gold coins, foreign coins…


Excellent Tooth Fairy Gift Ideas - Your child is in bed with a shiny, baby tooth under the pillow -- now what?  Here are some quick and easy ideas to make a visit from the Tooth Fairy a special event!





See sample letter from the Tooth Fairy from

Another sample Letter from the Tooth Fairy

Free letter from the Tooth Fairy emailed to you from

Tooth Fairy Letters – click on them to see samples

Tooth Fairy Certificate to Print from DLTK





Tooth Fairy Verse from Waldorf Homeschoolers


In this pocket you will find
A teensy, tiny tooth of mine.
So while I sleep where dreams are made,
Let's see if you can make a trade.
~Author Unknown


A tooth fell out, and left a space
So big my tongue could touch my face.
And every time I smile, I show
a space where something used to grow.
I miss my tooth as you can guess
But then, I have to brush one less!

~ Author unknown


_______ has a loose tooth, a wiggly, jiggly loose tooth. 
_______ has a loose tooth, and finally pulled it out.





A Visit to The Dentist – Free Printable Fun Activities Book for Kids including 4 Tooth Fairy pages


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