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Obtain a globe to use whenever you are showing or discussing a country. 

Or make your own ~

Introduce children to ‘the world’ ~ areas of water (oceans) and areas of

land (continents).  Continents are divided into countries, and countries

are where everyone in the world lives.  Point out the city/country you live in.  It’s going to be fun learning about where & how other children in the world live. 


Choose which continents or countries you would like to cover at this time.  I have chosen a few to briefly touch on in the activities in this unit.   Excellent Links are provided to others below.  Choose the countries that you like.  How much detail you go into is dependant on the child’s age and interest at this particular time.  You can spend as long as you want to on each country or return to this theme as often as you like.  Online Atlas






First Learning World Sticker Book published by Priddy Books (Ages 3-8)   >>See Reviews from Amazon>>

Introduces World Geography in a fun way with over 100 stickers.         


The Shining Princess and Other Japanese Legends by Eric Quayle (Ages 6-12)   >>See Reviews from Amazon>>

A collection of Japanese folktales and legends brimming with magic and adventure inspired by the traditional stories that Eric Quayle's Japanese wife used to tell to their children.  Michael Foreman's love of the country is evident in his shimmering watercolour illustrations.  Readers of all ages will be enchanted.


If The World Were a Village by David J Smith and Shelagh Armstrong (Ages 6-12)   >>See Amazon Reviews>>

This book explains facts about the world's population simply.  Instead of more than six billion people on the planet, it presents the whole world as a village of just 100 people.  We find out interesting statistics like 17 can't read or write.


The Kingfisher Treasury of Stories from Around the World by Linda Jennings, Victor Ambrus >>See Amazon>>

This collection celebrates the rich tradition of folktales from around the world with sixteen stories from different cultures, including Africa, India, Scandinavia, and Russia.


National Geographic Kids – Subscribe for R170 for 11 issues! (Ages 6-14)

National Geographic Kids is an interactive multi-topic magazine covering animals, entertainment, science, technology, current events and cultures from around the world.  National Geographic Magazines are great resources and have some amazing pictures and articles that you will be able to keep and use whenever you cover that topic of interest.


Antarctica (Paperback) by Helen Cowcher ISBN: 0374403716

Far, far south, in the strange and beautiful land of Antarctica, it is dark both day and night all winter long. When at last spring comes, the penguins and seals raise their young. But, one year, loud, unfamiliar sounds announce the arrival of a new presence -- one the creatures hope can share this fragile world with them in peace.




Paper Dolls From Around The World ~ Fold the length of a long paper in half and in half again in the same direction until you get to the desired doll size.  Draw a simple doll-shape on the front sheet.  Leave the arms & legs connected to the sides of the paper and cut out.  Open up and colour and decorate each ‘doll’ traditionally from a different country. 


Set an area up as a travel agency.  Include tickets, travel brochures, posters of different destinations and countries.  You can plan and book your travels here.  Make a passport and stamp the different countries you travel too.


Post letters to friends and relatives around the world.  Ask them to post you back a postcard and info of something interesting from their country.  Make Pen Pals from Around the World.  If you don’t have friends the same age living in a far away country, you can find your own new pen pal at Kids Space Connection


gbiflagjapmini A GLIMPSE OF JAPAN


Japan is a country in the continent of Asia made up of a series of islands just off the east coast of mainland Asia.  In Japanese, "Good Morning" is "Ohayo" (pronounced "Ohio") and "Goodbye" is "Sayonara" (pronounced "sigh-o-nara")


Make your own ‘sushi’ by wrapping sticky steamed jasmine rice & fillings of your choice into seaweed strips(nori). See EASY Directions


Japanese Fan ~ Decorated fans are very much part of the costume for special dances.  Lightly paint a Japanese watercolour on both sides of a landscape A4 paper and let dry.  Fold the paper back and forth in a concertina fashion. Gather the paper together at one end and staple or tape together.  Spread out the folds to make a beautiful fan.


Cherry Blossoms ~ In the spring, cherry trees in Japan are covered with pink blossoms.  Draw or paint a bare brown tree.  Tear pink tissue paper into little pieces and scrunch, put small dots of glue on the branches, and press on the blossoms.


Japanese Prints  ~ Carve designs out of potatoes and make potato paint prints.  These are nice to use on the fronts of your homemade cards.  See some lovely Japanese design ideas


The Japanese Art of Origami – literally meaning ‘to fold’ (oru) ‘paper’ (kami)

Some Origami from Enchanted Learning

Step-by-step pictures on how to make the popular Origami Crane


See links below for my favourite sites about Japan.


gbiflagchimini A PEEK AT CHINA


NI HAO (NEE HOW) is how the Chinese people say hello.


Chinese Lanterns ~ Fold a rectangular paper in half the long way.  Cut lines up from the folded edge going to about an inch away from the non-folded edge (do not cut through).  Open up paper and tape the other two edges together to form a cylinder.  Make a handle by taping a strip of paper to the top.  See EASY directions


Chinese Chain Dragon ~ Dragons are a very important part of Chinese mythology, arts, songs & architecture.  In ancient China, dragons did not breathe fire, but were wise and caring. They guarded the wind, rain, rivers, precious metals & gems.  Make a paper chain dragon by interlinking and gluing 6 strips of coloured paper.  Glue paper tassels to the one end.  Print, colour & cut out a dragon head and glue to the other end of the chain.  Dragon Head Template


Rice Painting ~ Rice is the staple diet for many people in Asia.  Mix white glue with a little red paint.  Paint a Chinese Picture or Character on white paper with the glue.  Sprinkle with dried rice.  When dry, it gives a lovely shiny effect.


Eat Rice Cakes with your choice of topping. 


Try Eating with chopsticks!


See links below for my favourite sites about China.


flagalaskamini A LOOK AT ALASKA


Alaska forms part of North America.  It is cold all year round.  Because of the freezing conditions, people in Alaska live very differently to what we do.  The natives in Alaska are called Eskimos.  Eskimos wear warm jackets with fuzzy hats to keep their heads warm.  Eskimo boots are called Mukluks.  To make mukluks, take brown lunch bags and glue cotton balls or batting around the tops of the bags. Put them on over your shoes and tie in place.


Eskimos sometimes ride in dog sleds pulled by groups of huskies.  Using cardboard boxes for sleds, let children pull each other around.


Discuss what kinds of animals live in the Arctic.  Some examples are walrus, penguin, seal, polar bear, fish, reindeer, artic hare, whales and moose.  Camouflage – white snow ~ how many of these animals are white?


Eskimos have a different way of kissing, they rub noses. Try it!  Talk about snow…


Make your own Ice Lollies using juice or yoghurt mixed with fresh fruit and blended.


See links below for my favourite sites about Alaska.


gbiflagusamini A DASH ROUND HAWAII


Hawaii is a part of the United States.   It is made up of 8 major islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  The largest volcano on earth is situated on Hawaii.  In Hawaiian, "Aloha" means "hello, goodbye, love" -- literal translation is sharing of breath (i.e. life). 


To make an easy hula skirt, staple or sew strips of raffia, crepe paper or brown paper around an elastic waistband. 


Make Leis by threading silk or paper flowers and pasta onto a string and tie when it is long enough to go over the head.


Do the Hula Dance to some Hawaiian music with lots of hip wiggling! (You could borrow this music from a CD library).


Make a tropical fruit punch and serve in a hollowed out pineapple with little umbrellas to decorate.


See links below for my favourite sites about Hawaii.


gbiflagausmini A TRIP TO AUSTRALIA


Australia is known as ‘The Land Down Under’.  It is a country, an island and also the world’s smallest continent.  Australia is known for animals such as kangaroos & koala bears, duck billed platypus, emus, sheep farming, crocodiles & wombats.


Make ‘Fairy Bread’ - buttered pieces of bread sprinkled with ‘hundreds & thousands’.  Kids love making and eating!


Kangaroo Hop – Children hop around like kangaroos.  Tie a piece of material around their waists and put a baby ‘kangaroo’ into their pouch.  Explain and discuss the Australian marsupials.


Try some of these Australian Crafts and Activities from DLTK


See links below for my favourite sites about Australia.






Visit your local CD library and take out some music from different countries to listen to or find midi files of sample music from around the world.


Laura’s Midi Heaven – National Anthems and World Music


Mama Lisa’s World – Children’s Songs and Nursery Rhymes


It's A Small World

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears 
It's a world of hope and a world of fears. 
There's so much that we share

That it's time we're aware,

It's a small world after all. 

It's a small world after all, 
It's a small world after all, 
It's a small world after all 
It's a small, small world.


He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

He’s got the whole world in his hands

He’s got the whole world in his hands

He’s got the whole world in his hands

He’s got the whole world in his hands


He’s got the children of the world in his hands…etc.






Map of the World to Colour In


50 Flags from Around the World To Colour


Label the Continents Worksheet from Enchanted Learning


Blank Outline Maps of Countries and Continents of the World








About Japan from Enchanted Learning


Kids Web Japan – Excellent Site


Links to Everything Japan


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Mrs Stein’s Japan Unit


Japan Colouring Pages from DLTK


More Japan Colouring Pages




Links to Everything China from


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China – Activities and Printables from Kids Domain


Chinese Flag to Colour In


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Greeting India


Welcome to India for Kids


A-Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling Unit – Links to Everything India


History for Kids - Ancient India


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Russia is 25% in Europe and 75% in Asia.  80% of the population live in European Russia.


Kids World – Explore Russia


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Diving Under Antarctic Ice – Photo Gallery by Norbert Wu


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World Almanac for Kids – About Penguins


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