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I have been really excited by all that Waldorf has to offer. It has given me insight and wonderful ideas to incorporate and make our homeschooling experience a richer one. I am not a Waldorf educator but rather use a quilt of ideas and incorporate Waldorf wherever possible. Read on and follow the links if you are interested in a wonderful natural approach to education and children!



Homeschooling using a Waldorf approach has also been called holistic homeschooling or natural homeschooling. It approaches the education of the child as a whole human being - body, soul and spirit. Early academics are not encouraged, instead the curriculum follows the 7-year developmental phases of a child- hands (0-7yrs), heart (7-14yrs) and head (14-21yrs). This approach is vital to the curriculum, which is designed to provide the right thing at the right time. Waldorf emphasizes play and nurtures imagination and therefore the use of electronic media by young children is discouraged. It incorporates natural and practical learning such as beeswax modelling, painting, gardening, woodwork, knitting and singing etc. It has a deep oral tradition, beginning with fairy tales. Writing evolving out of art is taught first, reading naturally unfolds later. Main subjects are taught in lesson blocks, with each block lasting three or four weeks. This offers an opportunity for focus and in depth study rather than jumping from one subject to another. Textbooks are not used; rather children create their own main lesson books, which contain a record of work that has been accomplished. Waldorf education continues to revisit subjects, deepening them and gaining new insights each time.


Note on Waldorf & Christianity Sadly, many people have been put off Waldorf, as the philosophy is not Christian. Waldorf does not teach any specific religion but acceptance of all people and diversity. Many miss the wonder of Waldorf for this reason, which is a shame as Waldorf has so much richness to offer!


More About Waldorf

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Sample Waldorf Lessons

Live excellent curriculum sample pages on left

Oak curriculum sample pages

Waldorf see sample pages (includes free online preschool units)

Waldorf Curriculum Overview an outline of each Grade


Interesting Waldorf Articles

First Grade Readiness by Alicia Benoit-Clark Christopherus Homeschool Resources

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There's More to Reading than Meets the Eye by Barbara Sokolov

Why Should Children Learn to Read Approximately Age 7? By Valdemar W. Setzer and Sonia Setzer

The Waldorf Kindergarten: The World of the Young Child from Waldorf Early Childhood Association


Waldorf Art

Waldorf Art Waldorf Homeschoolers

Crayon Drawing A Basic Introduction by Barbara Dewey Waldorf Without Walls


Music, Nursery Rhymes & Verse

When Should My Child Begin Music Lessons? A Comparison of Waldorf and Suzuki Philosophies by S Balwin

Collection of Verses Waldorf Homeschoolers

Verses for Grade One through Five by Eugene Schwartz


Come bright butterfly, close to me
Your beautiful wings I should like to see
You fly like a bird, you sip like a bee
But you're really a flower the wind set free



Waldorf Crafts & Activities

Knitting, Make Your Own Puppets, Make Your Own Felt Board and Fuzzy Felt, Gardening, Folk Dancing etc.

Finger Knitting Waldorf Homeschoolers

Knitting Waldorf Homeschoolers

Puppets Live Education

String Games Waldorf Homeschoolers


Recommended Reading

Putting the Heart Back into Teaching - A Manual for Junior Primary Teachers by S Maher and Y Bleach

The Novalis Institute of South Africa has published this book for Waldorf teachers. This manual introduces and explains Waldorf in an easy to read and understand way. It gives practical suggestions and covers everything you need to know for the first few grades (K-3) including stories, games, poems, verses, songs, handwork exercises, form drawing, math, language arts, drawing, plays etc. THIS BOOK IS AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA for around R200. Contact me if you are interested in finding it.


Waldorf Links

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