Homeschooling Ė A Wonderful Experience!


from Mumís Mail Edition 14, June 2005

© Written June 2005 by Robyn, South Africa



Most people I know are very happy to send their children off to be educated by qualified staff.  And why not?  Most people I know can't wait for the end of the school holidays.  How, they ask me, is it possible to be with your children all day, every day without going crazy?  Once I explain that I am already crazy, my answer is pretty simple.  Life is short.  Childhood is shorter.  Why would I want to give fourteen years away to someone else?  I recall my child's first steps and first words with a swell of pride.  So shall I be there when my child reads her first word.  I will see the light of understanding dawn in her eyes when she works out her first maths equation.  When she draws her first self-portrait.  When she bravely gives her first speech.   Together we will research and discover all the beauty of science and nature, the richness of history, the creativity of art, the perfect logic of mathematics, we will puzzle the mysteries of the heavens and learn all we can about the fascinating earth around us.  We will learn about what we are interested in.  We will find the interest in the things we aren't.  While my children's friends are sitting in a hot classroom on a bright and breezy day memorising the names of all the different kinds of clouds, we will take our blanket out under the trees and lie there.  Looking up to the sky, we will wonder what those billowy cumulus clouds look like... is it candy floss or an old man smoking a pipe?  Each and every answer will be right.  Life is beautiful.  Life is short.  I learnt very little in my twelve years at school.  And what I learned had nothing to do with knowledge.  My children will instead have many rich, and wonderful years of learning at home, together as a family.  A friend of mine with children at a private school recently told me that young children don't play at each other's houses anymore in the afternoons during the week.  With sport and homework, there is no time to play with friends, she said.  I thought that sounded like a great pity.  School takes up children's lives 7hrs a day, 5 days a week.  I don't want to give all that precious time to somebody else.  Besides, we actually ENJOY being together!








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