Homeschooling Ė A Viable Option


from Mumís Mail Edition 13, May 2005

© Written May 2005 by Robyn, South Africa



There are an estimated 10 000 homeschoolers at present in South Africa.  What is homeschooling about and why are more and more parents choosing this option?


Homeschooling is about life and education.  It is about making the whole world your classroom.  It gives the opportunity for one-on-one learning experiences without the pressure that schools bring.  It evokes a love of learning; it sparks interest and provides the freedom to go with what the child is interested in without a bell to interrupt a creative thought process.  Homeschooled children do not spend 12 years indoors with a group of peers their own age, they are exposed to real life and real situations and relate well to people of all ages.  You will never hear them say, 'I don't play with 5 year olds!'  They get to choose which extra curricular activities they wish to be involved in ~ the choices are endless.  They do not have hours of 'homework' every day and spend much of their childhood playing, creating, imagining and enjoying life.  All the homeschooled children I have met have amazed me with their confidence, their good manners, their amazing social skills and their general behaviour.  You get to spend more time as a family, and there is a wonderful sibling bonding.  You spend a lot of time outdoors, learning from nature.  Your own individual needs are met and you can work at your own pace.  There is no pressure.  Life is much less stressful.  There is no morning rush.  You have the freedom to explore your individual interests and passions and follow them with no time constraints.  Homeschooling is about loving life and using every opportunity to learn and enjoy.








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